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Queen Marie found out that this guy was a con and she did not want to deal with him as she felt that she stood to lose a lot. He was not trustworthy and so she had to humiliate him, which is what she did to the guy. The mistress had the guy lick her feet which she had purposely made sure were dirty and smelly. The punishment worked as intended.

These mistresses had tried to reason with this girl but she was not an easy person to talk to or reason with. They ran out of patience and they had to teach her a lesson. This was done by manhandling her and forcing her to lick their smelly feet. The girl realized that she was overpowered so she did not attempt to fight back like she had been planning to do.

Mistress Beatrice and mistress Mandy had a bet with their friend and they all agreed that whoever lost would be humiliated by the others. They all agreed and it was all fun until their friend lost the bet. She was turned into a foot slave and had to lick their feet as well as do all the nasty things that they wanted to be done to their feet. There was no exception.

Lady Scarlet needed to teach this girl and humiliate him. All of this was done for fun and the mistress did not care what the girl did. All that interested her was that she would have fun doing it and that is why she had her lick her feet and do other demeaning things for her entertainment. The scared girl did all that she was asked so as not to make things worse.

Mistress Rada did not want this girl to continue being a procrastinator. She had to deal with her and she did so by making her lick her feet as well as dirt from the floor. The girl could not believe what she was being made to do and she tried to get out of it by sweettalking the mistress but she ignored her and continued punishing the girl until she learned her lesson.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane wanted to keep this slave occupied so they did what they do best and had him lick their feet for fun. They tied him so that it would be easy to control him. He had no say in any of the things they did and it was a lot of fun for the mistresses but it was torture for the guy who had to do all they asked him to do.

Mistress Reell, mistress Kim and lady Stefanie like to innovate and today they innovated a punishment. The mistresses had their slave do crazy things for fun. The mistresses had this loser do lick their feet as well suck their toes. They gagged him as well for fun and they did not care what he went through. But he was warned not to puke as that would unleash a new punishment he would not like.

Lady Kim does not like being surrounded by cynical people. She realized that her new slave was cynical and she had to deal with it immediately and ensure that he did not do it. The mistress forced him to lick the soles of her feet as well as suck her toes before she was done with him. He was also in pain as she trampled him a little bit before letting him go.

Mistress Jenny and mistress Mandy had dirty feet and they wanted their feet to be licked clean. That is what they ordered their slave girl to do. She was not consulted or given a say in the matter. She had to do all that the mistresses wanted done and it was not optional. That is how she found herself licking their dirty feet until they were clean. All this time, the mistresses sat back and enjoyed it all.

Mistress Gaia had instructed her slave to lick her feet but he did not do it as well as she wanted him to. He tried to wiggle his way around the issue but the mistress was firm in her resolve to punish him and to make him learn his mistake. That is why she stripped him naked, whipped him and then had him lick her feet as well as her shoes.

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