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Lady Nisha had gone to this guy for financial advice as he seemed to be doing well. But she was shocked when he misled her and she was so pissed because she felt that he either did not know what he was doing or he was trying to get her to lose her money. She had to trample him and she did so with her foot licking fetish to make sure he learned his lesson.

Goddess Mia wanted to scare this girl and she felt that the easiest way to do it was to use her foot licking fetish to dominate. She turned her into a foot slave and she ensured that her feet were licked as clean as she wanted them to be. The mistress also choked her with her feet and she did it while she smoked. It was humiliating for the girl.

This mistress was out to use her socks to choke and humiliate this loser and she did so without thinking twice about it. The mistress was pissed off at the guy and she had to ensure that he learned never to piss her off the way he had been doing. The mistress trampled him and she also had him smell then lick the socks before she felt that she had done enough.

Mistress Sandra had reached out to this guy for advice but he had given her the wrong advice. She was so pissed at him as she could not believe that he could do what he had done. She had lost money in the process and for that, he had to be punished and humiliated. So she forced him to lick her soles and her smelly socks. He then had to refund her money.

Mistresses Nicole and Karina wanted to chase this girl but they felt that they had to dominate her first. They had to dominate her because of the nonsense she had done. That is why they opted to make the girl learn her lesson the hard way and this was through foot domination. She had to lick their dirty feet and do all manner of things as per their instructions before they let her go.

Mistress Cecilia wanted this guy to follow instructions to the letter and she made sure that she dominated him to send a message to him and his friends. The mistress used her whip to force him to lick her feet as he did not lick them as well as she had instructed him to do. He thought she would go easy on him but he realized he had misread her badly.

Lady Scarlet and her friend needed to send a strong warning to this slave. He had been doing things without consulting them and he was sometimes ignoring their instructions. The mistresses had to punish him and this they did using their feet. They used smelly socks and smelly feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick them and suck their toes. He was also used as a human foot rest.

Mistress Gabriella wanted this guy to be a lesson for the others who thought that they could piss her off and get away with it. So she recorded what she did to this guy. She used muddy boots to trample his white clothes but that was not the worst part. She had him lick the mud from her soles. He had no choice but to do it as she stomped on his body.

When dealing with slaves who lack discipline, mistress Nikki and mistress Jessica love to come out guns blazing. That is why they used high heels to trample this guy before they forced him to lick the same heels. That was to send a warning to him that they would not handle him with kids gloves. He got the message and he never lacked discipline as he knew what would happen in such a case.

Countess Stella needed this slave to lick her boots and her feet. She asked him to do it but he did not do it as she wanted. So she had to dominate him a little to have him change. She trampled him a little and he got the message and he did what the mistress wanted and how she wanted it. She recorded it all to enjoy it later on.

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