Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked

Lady Scarlet and her friend needed to send a strong warning to this slave. He had been doing things without consulting them and he was sometimes ignoring their instructions. The mistresses had to punish him and this they did using their feet. They used smelly socks and smelly feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick them and suck their toes. He was also used as a human foot rest.

Mistress Gabriella wanted this guy to be a lesson for the others who thought that they could piss her off and get away with it. So she recorded what she did to this guy. She used muddy boots to trample his white clothes but that was not the worst part. She had him lick the mud from her soles. He had no choice but to do it as she stomped on his body.

Goddess Lena took this guy to the bush and she dominated him with her boots. She wanted him to lick the soles of her boots. To make him not suspect a thing, the mistress had teased him and showed off her pussy through her stockings. He loved what he saw and thought that they were going to have a good time. But instead, the mistress made him lick her soles before warning him that she would also crush him with her high heel boots.

This girl slave was new and these mistresses wanted to dominate her and teach her to always respect and listen to their instructions. So they had her lick their feet. She was turned into a foot slave and she licked dirty feet on the instructions of the mistresses. They were watching out for any disobedience on her part so that they could escalate their punishment. Luckily, she was smart enough not to be disobedient.

Goddess Kiffa noticed that her husband was not behaving the way he was supposed to. And when she called him out on it, he made a lot of noise. She did not want to listen to any of it so she did what she does best and she turned him into a foot licker. He was humiliated and could not believe that she had done that to him but he could not say anything.

Mistress Alisa and mistress Rachel needed their friend to learn her lesson and that is why they chose to make her lick their feet. She could not believe what they did to her and she tried to make them forget what she had done but they were not going to. They had to see their punishment through and that was done by humiliating her so that she did not repeat her mistake.

Lady Kim wanted to dominate this guy and she did it in a way that he would never forget. The mistress had the guy lick her feet as well as suck her toes and she had dirty feet for him to do so. He was lucky that she did not choose to trample him and make it painful in addition to it being humiliating. He learned his lesson and never messed up again.

When dealing with slaves who lack discipline, mistress Nikki and mistress Jessica love to come out guns blazing. That is why they used high heels to trample this guy before they forced him to lick the same heels. That was to send a warning to him that they would not handle him with kids gloves. He got the message and he never lacked discipline as he knew what would happen in such a case.

Madame Marissa was out to scare this guy and she did it with boot licking. He had at first refused to lick her boots as she had ordered him to do but when she told him that the same boots would crush him on the head as well as on his balls, he got scared and he agreed to lick her soles as it was an easier punishment than being ball crushed.

Goddess Gabriella had caught her slave doing something he was not supposed to do and she knew she had to punish him. He knew her punishments were cruel and he tried his best to beg for mercy. As he did so, she decided to give him a lighter punishment and she chose to make him lick the soles of her boots. He was grateful and he licked them like an expert.

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