Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked

Mistress Rosemary had an issue with her girl slave and she had to deal with it as firmly as she could and as fast as she was able to. That is why she opted to gag her and make her feel not just pain, but humiliation as well. When she was done doing that, she trampled the girl a little bit before she let her go knowing that the point was home.

Mistress Dula and her business partner caught this guy trying to steal from their shop and they did not like that. He tried to apologize but the mistresses had to deal with him firmly so that it would be a lesson to him and to others. So they stripped him naked and trampled him before having him lick their dirty soles. He was humiliated and learned never to try shoplifting.

Lady Ayse loves to bet with her friends. Today she won the bet and besides getting the money, she also had her friend lick her feet as he had to do some humiliating stuff. She chose for him to lick her feet and he had no choice but to do it. Luckily for him, her feet were not as smelly and as dirty as he had feared they would be.

Mistress Polly loves foot licking and she wanted her lesbian lover to also know how to do it. She wanted them to enjoy it together and so she came with some candy and she used it to help her lover lick her feet. But she did it to her first for her to get a feel of what she wanted. Her lover loved what mistress Polly did to her and she tried her best to do the same.

Mistress Anastasia and lady Jojo had a colleague who was fond of disturbing them. He had to be dealt with and the mistresses felt that the best way to deal with him was to punish him. That is why they turned him into a foot licker and had him lick smelly and stinky feet. He had no choice but to do it as he knew he did not want to be degraded anymore.

Mistress Iren was shocked to learn that this girl was hitting on her man. She was so pissed that she hunted the girl down, stripped her naked and she had her lick her feet as well as the soles of her shoes. The girl was also gagged with the mistress's feet and she learned never to hit on men who were taken. The mistress told her never to repeat his mistake.

This old man did not know what he had gotten himself into when he messed with these mistresses. He ended up messing with mistress Anastasia and lady Jojo and that is how he found himself licking their feet and smelly socks. The poor guy had no choice as they promised to do worse things to him. Out of fear, he agreed to do what the mistresses asked him to do.

Lady Stefanie wanted to turn off this guy and she did it in a way he never saw coming. That was because she knew he was interested in her and she knew what he did not like. So she turned him into a foot slave and ordered him to lick her feet as well as her smelly socks. He did not have a choice but to comply as she wanted.

Mistress Cindy felt that the best way to deal with her foot slave and girl slave was to make her lick dirty feet. And that is what she had him do. The mistress went ahead to sit back and enjoy recording her slave do all those things she asked her to do. It was a lot of fun for her and she knew that the slave had been put on her place.

Mistress Monica wanted to find out how best she was going to enjoy her foot licking fetish. So she had girl slaves lick their feet and do what the mistresses wanted all of it for fun. The mistresses sat back and had fun getting their feet pampered and licked to their satisfaction. It was fun for them but not for the girls who were doing the licking as they were humiliated and tired.

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