Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked - Page 6

Mistress Jenny and mistress Mandy had dirty feet and they wanted their feet to be licked clean. That is what they ordered their slave girl to do. She was not consulted or given a say in the matter. She had to do all that the mistresses wanted done and it was not optional. That is how she found herself licking their dirty feet until they were clean. All this time, the mistresses sat back and enjoyed it all.

Mistress Gaia had instructed her slave to lick her feet but he did not do it as well as she wanted him to. He tried to wiggle his way around the issue but the mistress was firm in her resolve to punish him and to make him learn his mistake. That is why she stripped him naked, whipped him and then had him lick her feet as well as her shoes.

Miss Laurie does not condone abhorrent behavior at all. This guy had messed up and thought that he would have an easy time with the mistress. He had gotten away with such things before and he thought that dealing with her would be a piece of cake. But it was not and he regretted his assumptions as she kicked him painfully, slapped him and also made him lick her feet.

Mistress Jacky filed her feet and she collected the dust from it. She knew that it was something her slave had to eat and she did not want it to go to waste. Her slave did not know what she had in store for him and when he learned what she wanted to do to him, he nearly cried. He tried to beg her not to make him do it but she did not listen. She forced him to do it.

Mistress Dana did not want her slave to think that the only way he was going to do things was by doing them slowly. So she asked him to do things faster but since he did not do it the way she wanted, the mistress felt that he was fair game and she humiliated him by forcing him to lick the soles of her boots. The boots were dirty but he had to lick them clean.

Madame Marissa and lady Nora needed this guy to realize that they were not at his level and he was not supposed to mess with them. When he did it again, the mistresses had no more mercy for him and they cruelly punished him for it. He was forced to lick their feet and was even foot gagged by the mistresses in a cruel way until he almost cried out of pain.

Princess Serena loves to humiliate and that is what she did today when this slave pissed her off. The mistress needed to teach him a lesson and that is why she opted to wear her plastic gumboots. When her feet got sweaty, she used them to dominate as well as humiliate the guy and there was nothing he could do about it. He learned his lesson the hard way and never did it again.

Mistress Dula is the queen of humiliation and when this guy pissed her off, she had to do it. She chose to humiliate him which she did by ordering him to lick the soles of her boots. The boots were dirty and that was why it was good to make him lick them. Thereafter, she warned him not to mess with her as the punishment would be worse than that.

Mistress Gillian wanted this guy to lick her muddy boots and the guy had no choice but to do it. He had to do it not because he wanted, but because the mistress made sure of it. She was angry at him because he had shortchanged her and for that, he had to pay dearly. She did not care what happened but he had to do things the right way.

Mistress Sonia wanted her boyfriend to know that she was not going to let him get away with the things he had been doing. The mistress chose to use her dirty feet to put him in his place. That is why she opted to crush him with her feet and also to make him lick the dirty soles of her feet. He had no choice but to do as she had asked him and he knew never to piss her off again.

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