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Mistress Tatjana was fed up with her neighbor because he was always pissing her off. She had to deal with him in a way she had never dealt with anyone else and she chose to do it in a way he would not forget. So she forced him to lick her soles and she kicked him with her boots. He was shocked and humiliated to the point he never messed with her again.

Mistress Sandra had reached out to this guy for advice but he had given her the wrong advice. She was so pissed at him as she could not believe that he could do what he had done. She had lost money in the process and for that, he had to be punished and humiliated. So she forced him to lick her soles and her smelly socks. He then had to refund her money.

Lady Nisha was bored at the way in which this guy did things. She was of the opinion that the guy had to be punished and she did it without thinking to much about it. The mistress had ensured that her feet were smelly and she asked him to lick them as well as they needed to be licked. He also had to suck her toes before he was done.

Lady Scarlet and her friend needed to send a strong warning to this slave. He had been doing things without consulting them and he was sometimes ignoring their instructions. The mistresses had to punish him and this they did using their feet. They used smelly socks and smelly feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick them and suck their toes. He was also used as a human foot rest.

Lady Kim wanted to dominate this guy and she did it in a way that he would never forget. The mistress had the guy lick her feet as well as suck her toes and she had dirty feet for him to do so. He was lucky that she did not choose to trample him and make it painful in addition to it being humiliating. He learned his lesson and never messed up again.

This guy thought that being an ass would make him come across as a bad boy and that mistress Valerie would fall for it. But she did not and he realized he had messed up when she opted to trample him and force him to lick her bare feet. He never messed up again as he knew that she would make him to account for all his actions and behaviors.

Mistress Beatrice and mistress Mandy had a bet with their friend and they all agreed that whoever lost would be humiliated by the others. They all agreed and it was all fun until their friend lost the bet. She was turned into a foot slave and had to lick their feet as well as do all the nasty things that they wanted to be done to their feet. There was no exception.

Lady Scarlet needed to teach this girl and humiliate him. All of this was done for fun and the mistress did not care what the girl did. All that interested her was that she would have fun doing it and that is why she had her lick her feet and do other demeaning things for her entertainment. The scared girl did all that she was asked so as not to make things worse.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane wanted to keep this slave occupied so they did what they do best and had him lick their feet for fun. They tied him so that it would be easy to control him. He had no say in any of the things they did and it was a lot of fun for the mistresses but it was torture for the guy who had to do all they asked him to do.

Lady Kim does not like being surrounded by cynical people. She realized that her new slave was cynical and she had to deal with it immediately and ensure that he did not do it. The mistress forced him to lick the soles of her feet as well as suck her toes before she was done with him. He was also in pain as she trampled him a little bit before letting him go.

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