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Lady Kira needed to smother this guy and she did it in a way that he had never seen it done before. She foot smothered the guy and made sure that he was in pain and that he was humiliated. She had to do it twice and she made sure that things went her way and that it all worked out the way she wanted. She knew it was a good way to punish and humiliate and she kept it for use the next time she needed it.

Lady Nisha had gone to this guy for financial advice as he seemed to be doing well. But she was shocked when he misled her and she was so pissed because she felt that he either did not know what he was doing or he was trying to get her to lose her money. She had to trample him and she did so with her foot licking fetish to make sure he learned his lesson.

This mistress was out to use her socks to choke and humiliate this loser and she did so without thinking twice about it. The mistress was pissed off at the guy and she had to ensure that he learned never to piss her off the way he had been doing. The mistress trampled him and she also had him smell then lick the socks before she felt that she had done enough.

Mistress Amanda and princess Kimberly found out that they were both victim of this guy as he had used both of them and lied to them that he had a thing with only them. They did not get mad at each other and instead chose to become friends and do something to him. They laid a trap for him and when they caught him, they cruelly foot gagged him as well as turned him into a foot slave for fun.

Mistress Tatjana was fed up with her neighbor because he was always pissing her off. She had to deal with him in a way she had never dealt with anyone else and she chose to do it in a way he would not forget. So she forced him to lick her soles and she kicked him with her boots. He was shocked and humiliated to the point he never messed with her again.

Mistress Sandra had reached out to this guy for advice but he had given her the wrong advice. She was so pissed at him as she could not believe that he could do what he had done. She had lost money in the process and for that, he had to be punished and humiliated. So she forced him to lick her soles and her smelly socks. He then had to refund her money.

Lady Nisha was bored at the way in which this guy did things. She was of the opinion that the guy had to be punished and she did it without thinking to much about it. The mistress had ensured that her feet were smelly and she asked him to lick them as well as they needed to be licked. He also had to suck her toes before he was done.

Lady Scarlet and her friend needed to send a strong warning to this slave. He had been doing things without consulting them and he was sometimes ignoring their instructions. The mistresses had to punish him and this they did using their feet. They used smelly socks and smelly feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick them and suck their toes. He was also used as a human foot rest.

Lady Kim wanted to dominate this guy and she did it in a way that he would never forget. The mistress had the guy lick her feet as well as suck her toes and she had dirty feet for him to do so. He was lucky that she did not choose to trample him and make it painful in addition to it being humiliating. He learned his lesson and never messed up again.

This guy thought that being an ass would make him come across as a bad boy and that mistress Valerie would fall for it. But she did not and he realized he had messed up when she opted to trample him and force him to lick her bare feet. He never messed up again as he knew that she would make him to account for all his actions and behaviors.

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