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Lady Nisha was bored at the way in which this guy did things. She was of the opinion that the guy had to be punished and she did it without thinking to much about it. The mistress had ensured that her feet were smelly and she asked him to lick them as well as they needed to be licked. He also had to suck her toes before he was done.

Goddess Gabriella does not like to waste time. She values her time and when anyone tries to piss her off or waste her time, she has to deal with him or that. That is why she opted to trample and crush this guy today with her dirty feet. She had made them dirty on purpose so that she could use them to trample him. He also had to lick them clean.

Lady Nightfrozen needed to dominate her neighbor because she felt that he was being too much. She had tried to tolerate him but it was getting out of hand and she had to control the situation. The mistress did this by cruelly trampling him and making him a foot slave. The guy had to lick her bare feet and he also had to do the same to her high heels.

Lady Scarlet and her friend needed to send a strong warning to this slave. He had been doing things without consulting them and he was sometimes ignoring their instructions. The mistresses had to punish him and this they did using their feet. They used smelly socks and smelly feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick them and suck their toes. He was also used as a human foot rest.

Mistress Gabriella wanted this guy to be a lesson for the others who thought that they could piss her off and get away with it. So she recorded what she did to this guy. She used muddy boots to trample his white clothes but that was not the worst part. She had him lick the mud from her soles. He had no choice but to do it as she stomped on his body.

Countess Stella needed this slave to lick her boots and her feet. She asked him to do it but he did not do it as she wanted. So she had to dominate him a little to have him change. She trampled him a little and he got the message and he did what the mistress wanted and how she wanted it. She recorded it all to enjoy it later on.

This mistress had to teach her new slave a thing or two about her and she felt that the best way to do so was to use her foot licking clips to do it. The mistress trampled him with her high heels and he was in a lot of pain. But she did not care or stop as he cried. She was having fun at his expense and that is what mattered to her.

Lady Sue had stinky feet and this slave had no choice but to lick her feet. She had sat him down and explained to him what she wanted to happen and he had no choice but to make sure it all happened the way she wanted. She warned him that she was not going to repeat herself and so he had to avoid pissing her off by not making her repeat the instructions.

Mistress Natasha had had a lot of issues with this slave for a long time and she got to a point where she had to change tact. She turned him into a sole licker and had a great time torturing him with her shoes. He was also threatened with trampling and he wanted to avoid it which meant that he had to do what the mistresses had asked him to do.

Lady Scarlet needed to teach this girl and humiliate him. All of this was done for fun and the mistress did not care what the girl did. All that interested her was that she would have fun doing it and that is why she had her lick her feet and do other demeaning things for her entertainment. The scared girl did all that she was asked so as not to make things worse.

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