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Lady Nisha had gone to this guy for financial advice as he seemed to be doing well. But she was shocked when he misled her and she was so pissed because she felt that he either did not know what he was doing or he was trying to get her to lose her money. She had to trample him and she did so with her foot licking fetish to make sure he learned his lesson.

This mistress was out to use her socks to choke and humiliate this loser and she did so without thinking twice about it. The mistress was pissed off at the guy and she had to ensure that he learned never to piss her off the way he had been doing. The mistress trampled him and she also had him smell then lick the socks before she felt that she had done enough.

Mistress Amanda and princess Kimberly found out that they were both victim of this guy as he had used both of them and lied to them that he had a thing with only them. They did not get mad at each other and instead chose to become friends and do something to him. They laid a trap for him and when they caught him, they cruelly foot gagged him as well as turned him into a foot slave for fun.

Lady Nisha was bored at the way in which this guy did things. She was of the opinion that the guy had to be punished and she did it without thinking to much about it. The mistress had ensured that her feet were smelly and she asked him to lick them as well as they needed to be licked. He also had to suck her toes before he was done.

Madame Marissa likes to humiliate and she does it all the time. Today the mistress wanted to make sure that this guy learned his lesson and that is why she chose to cruelly torture the guy and teach him a lesson no one had ever taught him. The mistress foot trampled him and made him a foot slave for him to lick the soles of her feet as she wanted.

Goddess Kiffa noticed that her husband was not behaving the way he was supposed to. And when she called him out on it, he made a lot of noise. She did not want to listen to any of it so she did what she does best and she turned him into a foot licker. He was humiliated and could not believe that she had done that to him but he could not say anything.

Mistress Alisa and mistress Rachel needed their friend to learn her lesson and that is why they chose to make her lick their feet. She could not believe what they did to her and she tried to make them forget what she had done but they were not going to. They had to see their punishment through and that was done by humiliating her so that she did not repeat her mistake.

Countess Stella needed this slave to lick her boots and her feet. She asked him to do it but he did not do it as she wanted. So she had to dominate him a little to have him change. She trampled him a little and he got the message and he did what the mistress wanted and how she wanted it. She recorded it all to enjoy it later on.

Mistress Natasha had had a lot of issues with this slave for a long time and she got to a point where she had to change tact. She turned him into a sole licker and had a great time torturing him with her shoes. He was also threatened with trampling and he wanted to avoid it which meant that he had to do what the mistresses had asked him to do.

Mistress Beatrice and mistress Mandy had a bet with their friend and they all agreed that whoever lost would be humiliated by the others. They all agreed and it was all fun until their friend lost the bet. She was turned into a foot slave and had to lick their feet as well as do all the nasty things that they wanted to be done to their feet. There was no exception.

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