Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked - Page 13

Goddess Kiffa and her friend mistress Mandy wanted to enjoy a hot threesome with this guy. But they first of all wanted to try foot licking fetish and so they had him lick their feet and they also licked each other's feet. It was interesting and it turned them on because it was naughty and was the perfect way for them to set the stage for what was about to happen next.

Goddess Lena wanted her feet to be licked clean and that is what had to happen. Her wish was his command and he understood that. So she told him what she wanted, she then sat back on her chair and she lit her cigarette and smoked as the guy did what he had been ordered to do. He did it all without any questions and the mistress was impressed with him.

Mistress Gaia asked this guy to jerk off without using any lube and she did not make it easy for him to do it. She was not naked to facilitate him to do it easily and she did not stop humiliating him and making him lick and smell her socks. The mistress also did not care what the guy wanted. It was fun seeing him struggle to cum and as agreed, she let him go after he came.

Mistress Kira had an issue with the way in which her slave did things. She had to tame him and that is why she went out of her way to torture him and get him to do things her way. She used her smelly sneakers to choke him and to make him realize that she was serious and would not allow him to continue with what he did. He changed.

Goddess Sheila was out to send a message to this slave and she did it with bare feet. The mistress knew that the slave understood he had no choice other than to lick her bare feet. In addition, the slave knew that refusing or delaying to do it would make matters worse for him and he definitely did not want things to be worse than they already were for him.

Lady Chanel was not ok with the way in which this mature lady was trying to orchestrate a breakup between her and her girlfriend. She did not want to sit back and watch the girl try it out so she looked for her and she turned her into a foot slave and she made her lick her high heel boots and do other humiliating things. The old lady never did it again.

Goddess Lena has sexy feet and she is not afraid of showing them off. Today she wanted this guy who had a crush on her admire them and worship them. She also had him lick them and suck the toes. He was turned on by what the mistress said and how she said and he did what she asked. The guy was hypnotized by the mistress and controlled by her.

Mistress Enola did not want to deal with someone who talked too much. She wanted her peace and quiet but he did not keep quiet so she shut him up with her bare feet. She trampled his mouth and she also had him lick her feet. He had to suck her toes as well before she was done with him. And it worked as he learned to keep quiet when she did not want to be disturbed.

Mistress Alice found out that her driver had smoked weed and she was horrified that he wanted to drive her in that state. He thought she would not notice but she did and she had to punish him. She trampled him with her high heels and she made him regret why he had smoked. Needless to say, the driver never smoked weed again whether at work or not as he feared being addicted and being found out.

This electrician was used to taking advantage of clients who did not know much about electrical stuff. But this mistress was an electrical engineer and she knew a lot about it only that she did not have the time to sort out what she wanted him to do. When he tried to con her, she punished him by crushing him with her boots and having him lick the soles clean.

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