Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked - Page 13

Mistress Sofi had an appointment with this guy but the guy was late and he inconvenienced the mistress to the point that she had to teach him a lesson. So the mistress used her foot licking fetish to teach him a lesson. The mistress got him to lick her feet which she had kept dirty for that purpose. He cried as he licked them but she told him he was the cause of his own misery.

Madame Marissa loves to humiliate people who are not serious. She felt that this slave lacked seriousness and she had to do something to make him learn that it was not ok to lack seriousness. So she used her smelly feet to feed him snacks. She had made them dirty too and as he ate them, he knew she was fed up with him and he had to change his ways.

Mistress Enola wanted this guy to lick her hot body and the guy did it without thinking twice about it. That is because the mistress enticed him with her hot body and he concentrated on that instead of what the mistress asked him to do. The mistress then asked him to lick the soles of her sneakers and trampled him a little bit and the guy did it all willingly.

Lady Scarlet wanted to get her feet licked and since she could not do it by herself, she had to get someone to do it. There was no one better for her to use in her mission than her slave. She made him her foot licker and he had no choice but to do what she wanted. It was a lot of fun for her as he licked her like an expert.

Goddess Nika felt that she needed to have her feet pampered and licked so she summoned her slave and she instructed him on what to do. The mistress did not hesitate to force the guy to do it. Goddess Nika sat back and enjoyed what the guy did as she had instructed him on what to do and he did it as well as she wanted him to do it.

When mistress Iside wanted to test her slave, she knew the best way to do it was to use her muddy boots. She gave him to lick them and she stood and watched as he did it. She was with her friend and the two of them had a great time watching how he struggled to lick them. He knew he had to do it and he did it even though with a lot of difficulties.

When this mistress struggled to do everything on her own, she knew that it was time to do something to this guy because he was to help her but he did not do it. So she used her dirty boots to humiliate him and that is how he learned his lesson. The mistress spat on the dirty boots and she asked him to lick them until they were clean and he did it.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane had an issue with their slave and they ensured that they taught him a lesson. It was a cruel lesson as he needed to do things differently but he did not. The mistresses made sure their feet were dirty before they summoned him and ordered him to lick them. And he was forced to lick them clean and he cooperated because he knew what the consequences of not cooperating would be.

This guy was horny and mistress Nica wanted to dominate and humiliate him. He thought that she would be his equal but she was not and she could not even think of having sex with him. So she had him undress and then ordered him to lick her high heel boots as well as endure her ballbusting. The girl enjoyed torturing him and she knew he would never do what he had done.

Mistress Sarah realized that this barmaid had conned her and she had to punish her. She did not want to condone that kind of behavior so she hunted for her and she punished her the way she was supposed to be punished. The girl was shocked at how the mistress found out and she cried and promised never to do it again. The punishment entailed being trampled, licking her feet as well as gagging her before forcing her to lick the toilet.

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