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Lady Nisha had gone to this guy for financial advice as he seemed to be doing well. But she was shocked when he misled her and she was so pissed because she felt that he either did not know what he was doing or he was trying to get her to lose her money. She had to trample him and she did so with her foot licking fetish to make sure he learned his lesson.

Mistresses Nicole and Karina wanted to chase this girl but they felt that they had to dominate her first. They had to dominate her because of the nonsense she had done. That is why they opted to make the girl learn her lesson the hard way and this was through foot domination. She had to lick their dirty feet and do all manner of things as per their instructions before they let her go.

Goddess Gabriella needed to ensure that this guy licked her dirty feet and that is why she opted to do to him. He had thought that she was bluffing but he realized that she was not when she forced him to lick the mud off her soles. The mistress was not going to allow anyone to mess with her the way he had. He could not believe it but did nothing as he feared her.

Mistress Dana did not want her slave to think that the only way he was going to do things was by doing them slowly. So she asked him to do things faster but since he did not do it the way she wanted, the mistress felt that he was fair game and she humiliated him by forcing him to lick the soles of her boots. The boots were dirty but he had to lick them clean.

Lady Ayse loves to bet with her friends. Today she won the bet and besides getting the money, she also had her friend lick her feet as he had to do some humiliating stuff. She chose for him to lick her feet and he had no choice but to do it. Luckily for him, her feet were not as smelly and as dirty as he had feared they would be.

Mistress Iren was shocked to learn that this girl was hitting on her man. She was so pissed that she hunted the girl down, stripped her naked and she had her lick her feet as well as the soles of her shoes. The girl was also gagged with the mistress's feet and she learned never to hit on men who were taken. The mistress told her never to repeat his mistake.

When this guy intruded on mistress Jucy's property, he did not know what he had gotten himself into. Mistress Dorimills and mistress Agma were with mistress Jucy having a good time. They caught the frightened intruder as he was shocked to see them and they turned him into a sport and a source of fun for them. He was made a foot slave and had to endure foot humiliation and domination.

Mistress Karina wanted to have fun with this girl. She was interested in girl on girl fun and she had to jumpstart it as the girl had never had it. She started by licking her feet and rubbing as she worked her way up her legs to her thighs and finally to the promised land. The upper part of her body came in later. Needless to say, they had crazy fun.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and mistress Kim wanted to dominate this slave and they did it sexually using their high heels and their bare feet. He was forced to undress and they gagged him with their feet as well as had him lick spit off their heels. He then had to blow their heels before they gave him a footjob using their high heels. The punishment achieved what it had set out to achieve.

Lady Chanel was not ok with the way in which this mature lady was trying to orchestrate a breakup between her and her girlfriend. She did not want to sit back and watch the girl try it out so she looked for her and she turned her into a foot slave and she made her lick her high heel boots and do other humiliating things. The old lady never did it again.

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