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Goddess Gabriella needed to teach this guy a lesson no one seemed to have taught him because he was used to messing up. She used a whip and foot smothering to dominate him. As he licked her feet, he realized that he had to change and the mistress made sure of it as she humiliated and dominated him. He regretted his choices and he begged her for mercy which she granted him.

Goddess Gabriella does not like to waste time. She values her time and when anyone tries to piss her off or waste her time, she has to deal with him or that. That is why she opted to trample and crush this guy today with her dirty feet. She had made them dirty on purpose so that she could use them to trample him. He also had to lick them clean.

Mistress Gabriella wanted this guy to be a lesson for the others who thought that they could piss her off and get away with it. So she recorded what she did to this guy. She used muddy boots to trample his white clothes but that was not the worst part. She had him lick the mud from her soles. He had no choice but to do it as she stomped on his body.

Goddess Gabriella had caught her slave doing something he was not supposed to do and she knew she had to punish him. He knew her punishments were cruel and he tried his best to beg for mercy. As he did so, she decided to give him a lighter punishment and she chose to make him lick the soles of her boots. He was grateful and he licked them like an expert.

Goddess Gabriella needed to ensure that this guy licked her dirty feet and that is why she opted to do to him. He had thought that she was bluffing but he realized that she was not when she forced him to lick the mud off her soles. The mistress was not going to allow anyone to mess with her the way he had. He could not believe it but did nothing as he feared her.

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