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Goddess Kiffa noticed that her husband was not behaving the way he was supposed to. And when she called him out on it, he made a lot of noise. She did not want to listen to any of it so she did what she does best and she turned him into a foot licker. He was humiliated and could not believe that she had done that to him but he could not say anything.

Goddess Kiffa was determined to humiliate her boyfriend because of the way he behaved inappropriately. Her friends also had the same issue with their boyfriends, who were all friends by the way and that is why the mistresses agreed to turn their boyfriends into foot lickers. They did not just lick their feet, but also had to smell their farts before the mistresses were done with them. Most of them changed.

Goddess Kiffa and her friend mistress Mandy wanted to enjoy a hot threesome with this guy. But they first of all wanted to try foot licking fetish and so they had him lick their feet and they also licked each other's feet. It was interesting and it turned them on because it was naughty and was the perfect way for them to set the stage for what was about to happen next.

Goddess Kiffa had an issue with this guy and she had to humiliate him. She told her friend goddess Grazi about it and the two of them chose to use dirty feet to dominate him. They had to soil their feet on purpose so that they dominated and humiliated him. The mistresses sat back and watched how their dirty feet were licked clean before they let the scared guy go.

Goddess Kiffa did not like the fact that this student was unruly and he did not follow her instructions. She felt that he had to change and so she forced him to change as a result. This was achieved through making him lick her feet and especially her high heels. He learned his lesson the hard way and he did had no choice but to do what she asked him.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to humiliate her husband because he had forgotten her birthday. She did not want him to learn bad manners of forgetting her birthday and other important dates so she used her foot licking fetish to dominate him. The mistress made sure that he learned his lesson and that if he did not want such humiliation again, he had to make sure that he learned to remember things.

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