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Goddess Lena took this guy to the bush and she dominated him with her boots. She wanted him to lick the soles of her boots. To make him not suspect a thing, the mistress had teased him and showed off her pussy through her stockings. He loved what he saw and thought that they were going to have a good time. But instead, the mistress made him lick her soles before warning him that she would also crush him with her high heel boots.

Goddess Lena asked this guy to lick her feet but he refused. She did not have a reason to make him lick her feet and to trample him but she was offended when he did not do it when she asked. And that was the primary reason she had to make him do it. She

Goddess Lena wanted her feet to be licked clean and that is what had to happen. Her wish was his command and he understood that. So she told him what she wanted, she then sat back on her chair and she lit her cigarette and smoked as the guy did what he had been ordered to do. He did it all without any questions and the mistress was impressed with him.

Goddess Lena felt that it was important for her to teach this guy how to lick her feet since it was her primary mode of punishment in the event that he messed up. She did not want to let him go and so he had to learn how to do what she wanted. That is how he knew that he had to try his level best never to piss her off.

Goddess Lena wanted to enjoy her day but this loser kept interrupting her and doing things that she did not like. She was not going to let him get away with it and that is why she chose to turn him into a foot slave. He had to lick her feet and when he was done, he was turned into a human ashtray. He regretted what had happened and he learned his lesson.

Goddess Lena wanted to have her slave lick the soles of her boots. She had some mud on them and she knew it was going to be tough to ask her slave to lick them but she had no choice except to do it. So the mistress whipped out her cigarette and she smoked it as she issued instructions. In addition, the mistress told him not to add human ashtray to the list of what would happen to him if he did not obey her.

Goddess Lena did not have anything better to do than to use her stockings to dominate. She dominated this loser and made sure that he felt the sort of pain and humiliation that he had never felt before in his life. She also used her heels to trample him and make him cry a little bit. He could not believe what she did to him but he had no choice but to submit to her will.

Goddess Lena got this guy to open his mouth and she inserted his foot into his mouth. She did this because she wanted to gag him and either get him to choke or to puke. And if he puked, she wanted to make him lick and drink his own puke. The mistress then went ahead and she spat on his face when he did not puke so that he would lick and swallow her saliva.

This guy was horny and he thought that he could get to screw goddess Lena and satisfy himself. He was wrong as she turned on him and she punished him. She did it cruelly and made him lick her feet which were not clean. He was also trampled and humiliated like never before. The mistress took what she felt was the right course of action and she got the results she wanted.

Goddess Lena and her friend asked this guy to do something for them but he did not agree with what they asked him. The mistresses felt that it was more of an order as opposed to a request and they forced him to do what they wanted. The guy was dominated and forced to lick their smelly feet to show him that the mistresses meant what they said and what they wanted.

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